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Hi, I'm Dorte. I help women 40+ regain their faith in true love and connection, find their soul mate & build the relationship they always wanted.

Get ready for an amazing journey deep inside of yourself to heal and transform your own love story and get you in the perfect state to meet the man of your dreams.

Maybe you've tried it before, but never like this. I help you erase those emotional blocks and unconscious beliefs that have kept you away from the ideal relationship with just the right person.

Dating at 40+ can be fun, a LOT of fun. Just think of how much more you have to offer at this age than when you were younger! You're a fascinating, interesting, amazing woman and you are worthy of the right kind of man by your side.

Even if the past may have been different, together, we can make sure that you are totally irresistible to only the right type of men going forwards, helping your find love and be loved. 

I help you:

Align with love and true connection.

Learn how to call him in.

Gain insights that make you truly irresistible to the right man.

Build the relationship skills to grow in and with your man making sure you are both happy. And stay happy.

Just imagine what it will be like to wake up every day with your ideal man by your side.

Your relationships are linked to who you really think you are, your subconscious beliefs and the behaviours you have created that stop you from creating the life you love.

My signature 7-step self-discovery programme helps you go from single to soulmate in the space of just a few weeks. 

By combining self-love and self-care with personal image, connection and communication you connect with your own amazingness which in itself is pretty irresistible. We add a few drops of magic combined with excellent common sense and watch how your love life  evolves like you have never seen it before.


I used this approach myself in the last half of my 40s after the heartbreak of a surprise divorce. The divorce had left me disappointed and disillusioned and when I realised that it had left a big dent in my faith in soul mate relationships, I decided that I wanted things to be different. 


I wouldn't continue life with the father of my children as I had imagined, but I still wanted real relationships, deep connection and the joy of waking up every morning with the man I love.

When you do the inner work, you can meet the person who will reward you with the love and connection you always wanted. There is someone waiting for you, don't make him wait any longer.

*LØVE is a deliberate typo... a little reminder of my Danish roots. Love is of course the topic although løve in Danish means lion- which is passionate, strong and dares to lead the way. Be like the lion. Take the lead in your life.

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Dating After 40:​

How to be irresistible to your ideal man

(and knowing where to find him)

Learn from some of my top tips from real life case studies and personal clients to understand exactly how to take out the bad experiences and making dating magical, fun and an amazing experience.

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