Sometimes, it can feel like it will never end...

It takes time to get over your divorce. Emotionally there may be a lot to heal and on a practical level, many things need to fall into place. But you do not have to go through it all alone.

I feel so alone - like my life is disintegrating around me

When you divorce, your entire life changes and you can feel like you have little in common with the people in your 'old' life. They don't understand what you are going through. How could they. And you may feel sadness around the changes you are going through that you can't really discuss with some of your friends. You need a new support system now of people like you, who get you and can help you.

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The Beautiful Tribe


I created the Beautiful Tribe because I know how lonely and difficult those moments can be from the decision to divorce, through the events that follow and until you find a new normal.


I wanted to create a community for women to have a safe and beautiful place to meet and get support, get ideas, for personal growth and expansion and to be challenged when necessary to grow with the task of being on your own or of starting the next stage whatever that contains.

Divorce is the ending of a chapter but it is not all sad and when we feel empowered and ready to take on the new, the new can happen in a good way. In the Beautiful Tribe we start building the new life together, with trainings, coffee mornings, coaching sessions, ideas, tips & community.


I wanted to offer you a safe space because I know that you are facing a large amount of insecurity right now.

Having to handle everything and make all the decisions on your own may be in some ways new and exciting, but who do you go to when in doubt? How do you handle your finances and pensions and other matters that were not in your hands before on your own?

When the children feel sad, we feel sad too...


Sometimes you just need a shoulder to cry on, sometimes you need to speak to others in the same situation and get ideas from them. The important thing is to not feel alone or overwhelmed by these situations when they arise.

On some days we simply need someone to bounce things off of & some help to bounce  back when things feel heavy...

You do not need to feel lost, even if you have to make all new plans.

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Emotional Support

We cover topics to support your personal growth, your healing process & your journey of self-discovery through spirituality and many self-development tools and resources.

Health & Happiness​

Self-Care & Self-Love practices are essential to feel great in your body, mind & spirit. Your health is important but it might not have received much attention lately even if how you feel is important. We cover health & fitness, self-care, self-love and habits and and practices to help you find your way back to balance & happiness. 

Practical Life

Divorce entails many legal topics as well as big decisions about your practical life, your financial situation and how you organise yourself. We have specialists at hand when necessary and make sure you are equipped for the future you want.

Love & Relationships

Divorce means huge change to family as we know it, to the life we can offer our children and to our personal relationships. We cover all topics family, new family, children, new love and friendships to guide you to love how these develop and change to take on a new focus and direction that makes you feel happy.