The Feel Fab Formula

The Feel Fab Formula

The Feel Fab Formula is an eight week self-study (fully digital) programme that helps you to put place a super healthy and vibrant lifestly that helps you thrive and feel great in yourself.


Each weekly module covers an essential pillar of health from nutrition (literally all you need to understand how to lose unwanted weight in a healthy and lasting way) to exercise (and how to make it happen), stress, sleep, self-love, food triggers and intolerances, cravings, mindfulness and so much more.


It's a truly holistic approach to feeling good in yourself and in your body and it empowers you to reach your health goals in a way that feels good and authentic to you.


The course also gives you a journal to use to take your work further and make this a lasting lifestyle change. 


A number of special bonuses have been added that help you to make sure that it's the very last time that you need to take a weight loss or healthy eating course:


1) A goal setting module that takes guides you to see how to set and complete your goals. You will understand how to set goals (because you have probably set many gosls before), how to set the right ones (the ones that are truly aligned with your values and what makes you happy - and you get motivation and inspiration to make it all happen, almost without any effort involved.

2) Our super popular guided meditations for weigth loss, to help you sleep better and to help you lower the stress in your life.

3) Tapping sessions focused specifically on weight loss and on making you feel good in yourself, confident and motivated to reach your set goals.

4) A complete workout guide with 8 weeks of varied and effective workouts you can do at the gym or at home.


All of this is completed with a number of e-books (on nutrition, healthy choices, exercise, menu planner, portion control and mindful eating, and so much more), recipe collections and anything else you need to be fully informed of what healthy eating actually is, on how to adapt your diet to your weight loss goals and how to feel full of energy and good in yourself. Always.

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