Complete 8-week workout guide

Complete 8-week workout guide

This e-book contains 8 full weeks of comprehensive workouts to work yur entire body, even without access to a gym.


This pdf contains a complete 8 week workout guide complete with schedule, instructions and photos of each exercise making it easy to follow - literally anywhere. 


Each week contains four workout sessions. Start each workout with a warm up and make sure to cool down safely too. Warm ups and cool downs are included.


Follow the planner with the recommended order of workouts for a varied plan that works the entire body.


You also have five 10-minute workouts at the back of the book for those days when you want a quick solution but don't have time for a full session.


At only 7 usd this is the cheapest gym solution around but still helps you to stay in shape and work on improving your health and well-being.