• Dorte

You can create a life that you LOVE... and here’s a massive clue as to how!

You are none of your fears nor any of your desires and in fact you can shift all of these if you are willing to look at them and confront them.

They do not have to define you. In fact they shouldn’t because they block change. 

If you identify very closely with how you define yourself, then it feels very confusing and painful to go through moments of great change. Like you may be doing right now.

If, for instance, you used to identify fully as the wife of someone, then right now, you may feel that your life is over.

Because who are you then now?

If something external has forced a huge change on you, this is actually an opportunity. 

Even though it may not feel that way at first.

Because that light that this situation shines on you will bring into the open all of the cracks and fears that you currently use to define yourself.

Because don’t forget that no matter how unwanted the event, you did on some level choose it. You wanted this lesson to become who you really are.

The ‘light’ is your opportunity for growth by being willing to look at who you are and at who you are willing to become.

It’s not an easy place when you are in the confusing place between the two. 

But don’t forget that it’s meant to be temporary. 

Even a small shift in your perception of the situation can create big shifts in your perceived reality.

Focus on the inner changes you need to make and the outer change will automatically follow. The ability to create change starts INSIDE of you, with the acceptance of what is. Without any blame, without any excuses and without being attached to any circumstance that life seems to have thrown your way. 

It starts with you being able to take 100% full responsibility for how you choose to react to this change. When all of your reactions are chosen, not fear based nor blaming or defensive, then your transformation can start. And you can start to create a life you love.

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