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If your cup is empty, you have nothing left to give

You can only give what you have available to give.

If you have money you can offer financial help to others. If you have tons of energy, you can sort out many things for those around you who need it. If you have a home you can offer a roof to someone else.

But likewise if - emotionally or physically - you yourself are totally depleted, you have nothing to give to others. If you never receive any love, if you negate your own needs for the benefit of others and if you show yourself no love, you will eventually run dry of anything to offer others.

So know truly and fully that you are worthy and that filling your own cup is a good thing.

It is a necessary thing.

Self-love and self-care is not about spa days or gorgeous new shoes (even if that too feels great) - it's about the love and respect you show yourself every single day. It's about what you know and allow yourself to deserve and receive every day.

When you truly love and care for yourself, you know when your boundaries are over-stepped, you know how to say no, you are able to ask for and accept help from others, you are good at receiving in general - because you know that you too deserve to feel happy, good and you too are worthy of a beautiful life.

If you feel depleted or know that you are over-giving, raise your hand now and let's turn the situation around. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to not only live experiences that you love and that fill you up, but also to be all you want to be for the people in your life.

Do you too recognise this and know that you too have work to do to become better at making space for yourself in your life?

Comment and let me know if this too is how you feel at times.

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