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True change starts on the inside

New beginnings have to start with true letting go of the old and what is no longer serving you.

Which can be hard… because at times we want to just jump into the new without letting the old go - and sometimes we don’t see clearly what isn’t serving us anymore or what we keep holding onto.

But without consciously releasing and letting go of all of the old behaviours, beliefs and patterns, the same things will just keep on showing up, instead of the new that we really want.

That means that we can make little changes on the outside, but in fact we always end up in the same place, because the inside hasn’t changed. And until the inside changes, the outside can’t change for real. And with the same patterns playing out, your reality with remain more or less exactly the same.

To become clear on what is holding you back, take a moment to reflect on your recent challenges.

List you challenges and list the issues that have kept coming up in your life in recent times.

List the things that made you feel upset, sad or feel hopeless.

List the things that made you feel afraid, resistant or hurt.

And then look at your own reactions to these - just observe, judgment free - and see what you can learn about yourself through these experiences. Which themes seem to keep coming back? How do you react to these? What does it teach you about yourself?

With this new clarity you can start to look at what you want to release and simply set the intention to do so.

A simple shift in how you think about certain recurring situations can be enough. An intention to release a relationship that drains you or no longer serves you can set you free from this. And a decision to change your behaviours of thought and action can create huge shifts in your current reality.

It always starts from within you.

And once you set this release in motion you can fully start to replenish your life with all of the new elements that you want.

What springs to mind? What do you know that you still need to let go of?

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