• Dorte

The secret to a happy life

Loving yourself is the greatest way to improve yourself and to improve your life.

As you improve yourself, you improve your entire world, your circumstances and everything around you.

This is how powerful you are so don’t hold it back.

That’s why self-love and self-care are not only, not selfish, but in fact essential. They are essential to your own moving forward and to the healing of your life and of everyone in your life.

If you do not love yourself you can’t make positive progress in your life and you punish many more than only yourself.

When you are hard on yourself, you block the good from flowing to you. Forgive yourself, love yourself.

Chances are that the one you find hardest to forgive of all, is yourself but understand that by not loving yourself, you will keep meeting the things you resist in yourself, in the world around you.

To heal, you need to accept, love and forgive ALL of you. Be grateful for all that you are, right now, today.

Let me to offer you an example: the other day, I received a message that hurt and upset me. In the past, I might have responded by answering with an emotional message or by trying to plead with the person who sent me the nasty message.

This time, instead, I grounded myself and I simply repeated to myself “I’m sorry, I love you”. This was not directed to this person specifically, nor to myself but I knew I wanted to tap into healing and love to remove the angst and negativity of the entire situation. Because I wanted to remove the material manifestation of negativity from my life, the bad circumstance in my life that I don’t enjoy.

Shortly afterwards I received a neutral message from the same person which took away the bad feelings of the first message. By tapping into love and forgiveness, I healed in myself what I was creating the other person. This is why we are all ultimately responsible for not only ourselves but also for what we attract in others. When we fully embrace this, we can heal and create a better life experience for ourselves and our loved ones.

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