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Spread the (self) love this Christmas time

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Growing up in Denmark, you simply have to learn to deal with darkness! Physical darkness which often brings with is quite a bit of mental darkness.

This time of year, the daylight starts some time after 8am and is over already little more than 7 hours later by 3.30pm making the shortest day about 10 hours shorter than the longest day of the year - and meaning that life is lived to a large extent in gloomy darkness.

Living in a climate like that, you learn to look for the bright sides! Candles, fairy lights, ‘hygge’. It’s part of life just like so many powerful techniques I have learnt to develop much further later in life - like gratitude.

Gratitude for what life gives us but also gratitude to yourself for who you are. Loving yourself as who you are, just the way you are…

It’s not always easy. Most of the time, we’re much harder on ourselves that we would ever be with the ones who surround us - and are you aware of what can happen if you shift that focus?

Self-Love is what opens the path for self-realisation. Only once you love yourself will you truly allow yourself to receive everything that you long for - like happiness, love, abundance, wealth. You yourself can be your own worst enemy blocking yourself from being the person you really are.

It may feel like it it’s external circumstances, other people or events but ultimately you always have the last word.

Life happens to you all of the time.

It happens to all of us all of the time.

Some of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by the types of people who pick us up and guide us back on the right track every time but it’s not always the case. And sometimes, those around us are misguided or unwillingly guide us badly…

So this month, as a year-end gift to yourself, decide to help yourself by showing real gratitude for being the wonderful being that you are.

Be grateful for being you, show deliberate acceptance of yourself and who you are, for where you are in life right now, love and celebrate yourself and decide to be kinder to yourself - and see where it takes you.

As you flourish and thrive and bloom, you will benefit everyone around you.

You can be the best mum to your kids because you ooze love and acceptance, you can be the best girlfriend, daughter, partner, employee - any role you wish to take on in life. And you can do it with gusto and pride just the way it should be. Knowing that you are happy to be you.

You are amazing, whether you currently feel that way or not.

You’re unique and beautiful and there is nobody else on earth like you. Celebrate and honour that this month and make sure to finish the year as the very best version of YOU.

Here’s a little exercise to help you fully love and accept yourself:

1) Write out your intention to be loving and kind to yourself and grateful for who you are

2) Write out three things that make you want to set and respect this intention and why you choose to honour yourself this month

3) Write out one way you will nourish yourself this week and how you will keep this going the rest of the month

4) Write out one thing you will do every day this month to be kind to yourself and why it matters (this part if important to anchor it well)

5) Write out how you will make sure to be committed to making these things happen (like little reminders and making time for it) and make December a month of Self-Love

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