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Self-confidence is sexy… why? 

Because, a woman who is confident knows who she is, knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She knows what she wants to do with her time, what she looks good in, what she enjoys to talk about, who she likes her man to be. And thanks to all of this, she has presence and gets the right kind of attention.

Just like everyone else, she knows she’s imperfect. She knows she is not always all she could be. But she knows that whatever she is, is enough. She is enough and she loves and respects herself for that and knows how to listen to her own boundaries and what feels right and wrong.

A woman like that is not looking for constant approval in others - and that gives a calm and attractive energy that’s nice to be around. It makes her attractive to men as well as to women. She is someone we want to know better and spend more time with.

Her self-confidence makes her a natural leader because she inspires others to also dare to be themselves, to dare to love themselves and to dare be proud of whoever they are, no matter who that is. We all want to have some of that thing she’s got. It makes her attractive and desirable and we want to hang around her as much as we can.

Attraction is simple. 

It’s about being authentic and true to yourself. It’s about knowing your value and who you are. You don’t need to change and if someone asks you to be someone you don’t feel like is you, then there is something wrong with them - not you. You need to be you. Honest you, self-aware you, empathic and kind you of course. No arrogance or ignorance. But you, flaws and all. Just like they should be them.

The opposite to a confident woman would be a woman who is willing to do just about anything to be seen. Willing to change to please. Willing to think she needs to always adapt and fit in. Or dress super revealing or start sexy convos much too soon for instance. Not to have fun but to get noticed. These are the actions of someone who does not believe that just she, without boobs on show, is truly enough. All women have boobs. What we don’t necessarily have is personality, depth and conversation. Focus on those if you want to stand out and attract the right type of man. 

Truly that’s all it takes. And it’s already quite a lot. Just think about how long it may have taken you to be who you are today. Be proud to be her. And I am sure that you keep evolving too. And that’s good. But you evolve for you, to be who you came here to be. Not to be ‘better’ or match someone’s ideals because you were always enough. You are enough right now, as you are. And the right person can see that and will be just crazy about that.

That confidence you exude when you know this and live this knowledge, is mesmerising to the people around you. Just think about how you feel when you surround yourself with fascinating, stimulating, positive and inspiring people. You feel good don’t you? 

It’s the same for those who surround themselves with you. Give them who you really are. 

You are enough, love it and live it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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