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Love is...

If you want love in your life it's important to know deep in your heart what love truly is. And the role that love plays in our relationships.

That is what helps you to call it in, and to call it in in the right shape and form for you.

That is what enables you to build the most magical relationships.

Love is about giving and receiving.

Love is about being unconditional.

Love is about being loving towards the person even when things go wrong.

Love is to love through good things and bad.

Love is to hear the other person and to be heard. Even when what you have to say is not popular.

Love is to feel safe to express your fears and to know you will always be held. And to always hold the other. Even when something hurts to hear.

Love is a feeling but love is also actions.

Love us expressed in all we do, our presence, our choices and our beliefs about life.

Love is a connection and can help to open our hearts and be all we truly are. But when misunderstood, it can also shut us down in defensiveness or bad relationships.

True love means that even when things don't work, you still show respect for the other person. Love is not conditional on the relationship being 'on' and good. Love is love and is in essence what we are. When we don't block it with other feelings like anger, fear or our own insecurities.

Love means that we want the other person to be happy. Even if not with us. If you love somebody, you set them free.

In a true loving relationship, trust is present and leaves space for the relationship to be safe and to evolve as it needs to.

Love is not only for sunny days and happy moments. Love is for all of it.

Love is as much about giving as receiving. Sometimes you give much more than you receive. But you know in your heart why it's worth it.

Love is letting go of constraints and conditions and being able and willing to forgive.

Love is the truth.

Love is who we are and what we are made of.

Love is the very reason we are here.

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