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If moving on was easy..

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Even though you know it was the right decision to divorce, right now, in the depths of things, it doesn’t feel so good.

You find your happy place only to lose it again shortly afterwards.

You struggle to find the calm you really want and know that you deserve.

You struggle with a number of practical aspects that, although you know you wanted to move on, still feel heavy, tricky or like too much to handle right now.

You would like time to stop.

Or certain things to disappear from your life.

You would like to feel fully free to be you.

You would like to feel no more guilt and no more sadness.

You want to start the new.

To move on.

And to move on well you need two things: you need clarity and you need courage. That’s what helps you to know that your direction is right, and to understand and manage to do what is needed.

Too often you’re stopped by feelings of overwhelm, you feel exhausted or certain things or thoughts create fear and resistance.

Otherwise, you would be much further already.

Because only you is stopping yourself.

Circumstances are only external. What you do with them is up to you. Always. This is a universal truth and the sooner you fully manage to work with that fact, the sooner you can move on fully.

If you know that you could in fact do better and you know know that you now want to move on faster, you can book a free call with me to find out if I am the right person to help you. The call is totally free and obligation free but can also help you to understand if one of my coaching packages can help you move on, now.

You may be asking yourself questions related to how to deal with your ex. Or how to co-parent with someone you share forever less with today. Maybe you worry about managing your finances. Or having enough to pay for the life you want to live. Your kids might not do as well as you'd like. Or perhaps you feel alone, maybe even lonely.

Let’s put an end to it all. Starting now. Book your call here.

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