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How to allow yourself to be looked after

Once upon a time I was a big fan of goal setting. I believed strongly in action plans and discipline, trackers and control systems. I was addicted to my fit bit, my GPS was always on when I went for runs and I would track the nutritional content of my food to make sure I got just the right proportion of protein vs fat vs carbs.

And then my life suddenly took a big and unexpected turning. And suddenly things that had previously seemed important became insignificant and others because much more important.

You could call it a turbulent experience. Or such a sad event. Or a wake-up call. A lucky chance even.

What it did, apart from hurt, was to set me free.

I set myself free.

And I started to be kinder to myself.

I remembered that when we are born, we actually know it all. All I had to do was to tune back into all of that wisdom.

And I could see that the main reason I had to try so hard before was because I was trying very much to not see the things that hurt in my life. So it helped to focus on the unimportant ones and keep my control in these areas that I could indeed control.

Focus on keeping things calm and predictable. Focus always on the silver lining. Staying within the lines.

Keeping the smile on my face.

It helped me feel that things were ok.

Even when the ones that matter, were not.

But in fact, we are always ok.

We are always taken care of.

We are always looked after.

I also have days when it doesn’t feel that way. But it’s the truth. And if you know that and that you deserve this - but really KNOW it deep deep deep inside - then you will allow it to flow to you.

And you no longer need to stay in control of the surface issues.

Because the real and important inner ones fall into place.

It’s not having the right people around to look after you, although of course it’s wonderful when we feel all that our loved ones do for us. And knowing what we can do for them.

It’s not controlling all of the surface things that makes everything ok.

Ultimately, its ALLOWING yourself to be looked after. Whether this is being looked after by the beautiful people who surround you. Or whether it is being looked after by the Universe and the higher powers.

You can attract or push away this support.

Now decide to receive.

Make this an active part of how you live and who you are, make it a part of your daily rituals for self-care.

1) Sit with your eyes closed

2) Focus on your breathing and count down from 10 as you use each count to relax another part of your body

3) Focus on your breath as you calm your thoughts and your mind and empty your mind of thoughts as much as you can

4) Breathe as you set your intention to allow this meditation to leave you feeling loved, peaceful and cared for

5) Now visualise yourself in your happy place, the place where you feel cared for, safe and loved

6) See yourself enjoying all of what you want and bathe in how this feels

7) Know it’s yours and know how you deserve it

8) Stay as long as you feel like it in this meditation, feeling and visualising deeply. Make sure til make it powerfully emotional and to really feel your way through the visualisation.

9) Slowly come out of meditation and spend 10 minutes writing in your journal. Write your reflections and anything that came up.

10) Write out two or three affirmations as a result of this meditation. Focus on your belief and your knowing that you deserve what you desire.

Daily, ideally many times every day, remind yourself that you KNOW that this is all coming to you. You know that you deserve it and you know that you will get it because it is yours.

Faith is essential, so work on it. Stay firm in your beliefs and your faith and you will soon start to see positive changes and more ease in life coming your way.

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