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How do you meet the perfect man after 40?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Did you ever wonder where all the good ones went...?

In actual fact, there's a sea of men out there waiting to meet you! If it doesn't quite feel that way it's just because you're not approaching it the right way… yet.

It's perfectly ok, if you're not a fan of on-line dating (don't miss the blog on how to write a killer online dating profile at any age, if you do want to give this a try the winning way though)

...but there are also many other ways to meet someone and here are some ideas:

1) Become a "yes-woman"

The simplest and perhaps not so surprisingly effective way of meeting more potentially perfect partners is to be more of a 'yes-woman' (I'm sure you're seen the film...).

Just say yes to more things.

If you're always moving in the same circles, doing the same things and seeing the same people you always meet the same people and might just not make it possible for yourself to run into that fantabulous guy you've never met before, any time soon.

Spread your wings and seek new experiences and new playing fields - by saying yes to more things.

2) Find new interests

Maybe you've been a bit set in your ways, stuck in your old habits, sticking to the same friends..?

Now is the perfect moment to find some new interest that will widen your horizons.

Take up a new hobby, join a new gym, sign up for a painting class or yoga group, go on a singles only holiday. Ask your single friends for great places to go and things to do. Be creative, take the initiative and start to move.

Soon your life will be full of new people, new inspiration, new places, and if you keep on following your own inspiration you will soon meet just the right person to enjoy it all with.

3) Hang out where he hangs out

Starting today, make a list of what your ideal man likes to do in his life...

Write out a description of him, focusing on how he makes you feel through who he is, and look at what his interests are...

Describe where such a man spends his life, what are his hobbies, where does he go for lunch, what are his sports interests etc and which interests and places do you have in common...

Then start to hang out in the places where these things take place!

When you meet someone, you are likely to have things in common and that way, he is more likely to be the type of man you are looking for.

Your turn... Where else would you go to meet the man of your dreams?

Please do share!

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