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Don’t believe in soul mates any more?

Me neither… for a while. I got badly burnt.

Thought I’d married the man of my life and that we would grow old together while watching our children leave home and start their own families.

But I was wrong. And there was so much sadness. And for a while I felt quite disillusioned and certain that who I had lost was my soul mate - a course of events that made little sense to me.

But quite a few things have happened since then.

And I know that I was wrong. Whom I lost was not my soul mate. And my soul mate was indeed out there waiting for me. When I did meet him I understood all of this.

But for a while I was confused. And for a while I thought I had lost the element of my life that made the most sense to me.

That was until I could see the full picture of course.

Now I teach the method I used to move on to others who are also ready to fully move on from their divorce and meet real love again in my course Dating After Divorce.

In this 21 day course I take you through the steps required to move on from divorce into new territory.

Use voucher code: MERRYXMAS before 24th December to enjoy the discount.

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