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Dating in my 40’s.. Does that mean dating someone old and boring?

Nooooo, no no it doesn’t! Not at all. There I said it and hopefully I instantly lifted your spirits and let’s look at why it’s a great thing to date men slightly later in life

1) Men mature later in life - so chances are that you’ll be meeting someone who is much more emotionally mature and available than when you were younger! Just stay away from men who were never married, never had kids and never showed an interest in commitment as they won’t be likely to change their ways in older age, and also avoid any ‘big kids’ who choose to escape reality by busying themselves with non-stop sports activities and similar distractions. These types are typically finding it hard to commit and if you’re looking for something serious or deep, you’re unlike to find it with them.

2) You might meet someone bald -more men are bald as they grow older, bald is in vogue and super sexy. Just think Bruce Willis, Sean Connery or The Rock. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The bald men study (yes that’s actually a thing! *) looked at things like social maturity with qualities like being “honest, intelligent and dominant” - qualities that all in all added up to overall sexiness perceived to women. Bald men were perceived has having more of these qualities than men with hair.

The study found that women think bald men are hotter than men with a head of hair, not only in looks but in perceived intelligence and other qualities too. 

So if we play the numbers games, knowing that there are more older men without hair, than younger ones, then we’re in luck ladies! Sexy luck!

3) Older men know what they want - at this stage in life, any eligible man know what he wants. Just like you do. And that makes for a very harmonious couple as long as you make sure to avoid the ones waving the red flags. Just avoid men who have never been able to commit, or men who are evidently going through a midlife crisis and think only about having fun but never commit to anything (if what you want is a commitment).

You can have a fun relationship with any man if you can think like a man and stay unattached too but if you want commitment avoid those types as they will always want to be free and will most likely be very avoidant in the relationship which may not be what you’re looking for. And older man knows what he wants and wont be likely to change. The advantage for you is that you know what you're getting.

So all in all, dating in your 40’s or later is a great thing for us women. Men are more datable, more mature, hotter and more self-confident. Just pick well, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time.

*The mentioned Bald Men Study was conducted by a Dr. Frank Muscarella at Barry University in Florida

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