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Dating After Divorce - The how-to's

It’s no secret… I love Christmas. And today I have a small present for you…

A special December offer for my latest programme: Dating After Divorce.

A 21 day immersion into loving life fully - with that special someone by your side!

Here’s what it’s all about…

You’ve come out the other side of separation or divorce and you feel ready to living a new love story. But this time you want to make sure it feels good.

You want to feel good in yourself and good about yourself and you want to find a new partner effortlessly and successfully. You want this to be a story with a happy ending that fits the stage of life you are currently enjoying. You want this experience to be fun, exciting, happy and disappointment free.

You might feel a little rusty. It’s been years since you last went looking for love in any shape. And you might not feel 100% confident that you still have whatever it is that it takes.

But you know that you want only good experiences going forwards. And you know that you deserve something great and someone great. If it’s not great, then it’s not for you….

This course prepares you for a great dating experience.

In 4 super simple four phase process (all online) you go on a journey that helps you to feel really good in yourself, clear any leftovers from your past or feats that hold you back, open up to the new and find what you truly want this time.

1. Move on from your past

Nobody wants to do the same mistakes twice… but there are most likely still a few things you fear repeating or that you keep bumping into and that make you scared. Time to clear the past once and for all and that’s what we do in this phase.

2. Gain clarity on your new path

After a long time with one person, it can be hard to know what the new you truly feels like. After all options are almost endless but do you go for something similar to all of the good parts with your ex? Or is now the time for something totally different? And how do you avoid getting hurt in all of this? The answer to all of this is actually simple and you will get to them through our fun and simple process that allows you to tap into your own innermost truths which is where happiness is found.

3. Build your confidence and worthiness

You are not alone if you feel slightly insecure about what you actually have to offer. Maybe going as far as thinking that what you have to offer isn’t very interesting. But you’re wrong of course if you ever think that way. And in this phase we look at exactly why that is - and you also get tips on self-care that can help you to grow your confidence and feel really good in your body. I give you some of my best tips from my work as a nutritionist too knowing just how important our diet is for shining right from the inside and out.

4. Meet your soulmate

By the time we get to this stage you are so tuned into your most love-ready self that you will start to naturally attract the right type of people to you, however to speed up the process we also look at where your soul mate can be found and I help you to take the best steps to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time.

And all of this while having fun… and never getting hurt again!

You’ve moved past your divorce and now you want to experience true love, freedom and happiness again?

Then this is the course is for you.

“Dating After Divorce” is a course created to help you attract true love and great dating experiences into your life.

The course is 100% online - delivered in videos and written modules. You will have a workbook with exercises and journaling prompts to help you make this process have a deep impact on your life and results.

It’s a super powerful, proven method to attracting new and true love into your life and can allow you to have a lot of fun building your next chapter.

Cost of the 21 day course: 299 USD (payment plan possible, message me for more information) - but right now I offer you a Christmas special discount of 100USD off the usual price - all you have to do is to enter the code MERRYXMAS before 24th December to enjoy the discount. The course starts on 10th January 2020! New year, new adventures!

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