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Dating after 40 - How to be irresistible!

You want to pull the right guy in, to attract him with your own personal, totally irresistible, energy. And part of this is to make it easy for him to notice you. Here are a few highly effective, tried and tested tips for doing just that.

Being irresistible is about your energy. Good looks help to attract attention, but you might be surprised at just how much of the attraction anyone feels, comes down to who you are and the energy that surrounds you, as opposed to looks.

Being irresistible is about being fully in your own feminine energy which you are when you are approachable, feel attractive, are connected to your sexuality and sensuality, feel open, and feminine and especially when you are happy.

Men love happy women. Because happiness is close to love and love is what we always search to feel. We like to love and we like being loved. We need love to be happy. It feels good and we need it to thrive. Happiness connects us with the feelings of love.

The feelings in yourself that you want to nurture are feelings of being happy, of feeling fulfilled, of being confident, attractive and sensual.

These feelings are the opposite to someone who is desperate, attached to an outcome, insecure, overly sexual, bored or waiting to be completed or saved by someone.

Have you ever noticed how you may attract more people who are angry and bitter and real sourpusses, when you yourself are angry, bitter and a sourpuss.

Like attracts like. Who do you want in your life because you will attach someone similar to what you put out. A mistrusting, negative person is off putting and will tend to attract an equally mistrusting and negative person.

What are your hang-ups? Where are you mistrusting or what are you unnecessarily attached to?

You can journal on questions such as: "What do I most distrust in men?" and clear some of the unnecessary beliefs.

You need to be open, confident and trusting and know what you want and believe that you can have it. Remember that you will always find what you focus on because you see what you are looking for. Have you noticed how, when you decide you want to buy a new car, you start to see only your chosen model everywhere you look? It's the same with other aspects of life. You always find what you look for.

You are a woman who is quite simply unique, beautiful, amazing and the absolutely perfect partner to your perfect man.

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