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Aligning - for change creation

Inspired action is the type of action you take once you align with your reason to be and act on something that inspires you in life.

Inspired action is the type of action that actually really moves your forward. Rather than a list of actions that are just ‘tasks’ that need to get done, inspired action are actions that will make a difference to your life and how you feel in your life.

If you want to tap into your own true inspiration try this:

1) Close your eyes

2) Sit still, find calm in your body and take several deep breaths

3) Now slowly, count down from 10 to 0 while focusing on each number

4) Tell your body and mind to slow down and focus on your breathing

5) Push all thoughts away that pop into your mind. Simply tell them to come back later

6) Now visualise a situation you long to experience, focus on the feelings of the situation

7) Spend a moment seeing the situation in as much detail as possible

8) Go into the feelings, the sights, the smells, the colours, the sounds of the situation

9) Enjoy the visualisation and stay in a peaceful place for several minutes

Finally, once you have finalised the visualisation, start to move your fingers and toes and slowly bring yourself back

Now, take our your notebook and write down 5 steps you can take that feel truly aligned with your vision.

Tune into these and check that they feel aligned (avoid any actions that you feel you ‘should’ take).

Now take a few moments to think about what you can do to surround yourself with more of the same type of inspiration allowing you to stay on track? What can you do do continue to feel aligned? What can you do to make sure you let go of the past and continue to move forwards? Who should you surround yourself with to remain on track? What are any obvious things you should change to remain align and on focus.

Finally look at your usual actions, and consider if you are stuck in any habits that may be holding you back from achieving the desired vision because they are in fact not aligned with the true inspiration?

Simply being conscious of this and setting a different intention is enough to create real change.

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