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A glimpse into your future...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

You have a probable future.

Your probable future is the one you get to when you continue doing what you usually do, continue thinking like you always have and continue being the same person you’ve always been.

This leads you directly to your most probable future. One that resembles where you are today and how you live your life today.

Your probable future is highly influenced by what you believe about yourself.

Your beliefs literally determine your direction in life.

You may believe that you are unable to do certain things, or that you don’t deserve certain privileges or that something (unwanted perhaps) is always likely to happen to you.

When you start to work on your beliefs you widen your probable future and you can get into the much wider domain of plausibility or even possibility.

Anything is possible.

We sometimes stop it from being plausible. We can make it not possible.

Because we create our future.

And, in the words of Tony Robbins, if you change nothing, then nothing will change. Literally.

And you will remain in the same place as you are today, just a little older, possibly a little wiser, Possibly with a few improvements, possibly a little more disappointed.

If you want your probable future to change and to tap into your true possible future, you need to truly take charge of your destiny by observing your thoughts and increasing your awareness of your inner beliefs.

No, simple positive talk or looking for silver linings is not enough.

We’re talking touching the actual inner beliefs you hold about yourself.

Pure and real observation of yourself and your patterns.

Beyond the surface.

Facing your inner truth is what can help you access your true brilliance. The one that lies beneath simply a positive response to life’s events.

This awareness can help you to break those beliefs that are holding you stuck where you no longer want to be.

You drive.

You are at the helm and choose the direction.

This is your journey and your life to live.

Make sure to take on the role and the responsibility of living it the way you want it to be. Bravely and strongly, like the amazing person you are.

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