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5 reasons why dating in your 40s (and beyond) is better!

Dating in your 40s and beyond has the potential to be much better than any dating you did when you were younger. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  1. You know yourself really well by now - and so does he. At 40 and beyond, most people are emotionally mature, we know what we like in life, we have clarity and we look for calm and great experiences. This is a perfectly fertile soul for creating something meaningful, deep and lasting. In fact, more people (men and women alike) are looking for commitment and real connection in their 40s and beyond, than they did in their 20s and 30s. Men in their 40s tend to express a desire for qualities like being caring, loving and kind as opposed to the younger years when the focus is more on experimentation and fun.

  2. Your biological clock is quieter now - most women by the time they reach their mid-forties have had the children they want and life is now more about them and their more personal desires and dreams. This is a great moment for you to grow in confidence, to seek your inner truth and to look to simply share amazing experiences with your partner and friends. You have the potential to have a lot more deeply meaningful times now than in your 20s or 30s when your time and attention was spread more thinly.

  3. The right type of man will be more mature and more available meaning that you can create something meaningful much faster with the right person. Combine that with your own clarity and experience built from younger years and you will see how much life and love has to offer you at this stage.

  4. You are likely in a much better place financially than you were in your 20s or 30s. Dating with financial security and freedom gives you more choices than you had when you were younger and you have more freedom to choose what you want to experience now.

  5. You know what you’re getting into - when dating in your 20s you were dating someone not yet ‘fully grown’ whereas now you are looking at the real deal. In our 40s we are usually fully formed and have had the chance to realise our potential. This helps you to know what you want and express who you are and also to know who the person you choose to date truly is. You are less likely to get some bad surprises down the road as most of the wild oats will have been sown by now and most mature 40-something year-olds know who they are and are happy to own that.

Dating in your 40s and beyond can be a lot more fun than dating in your 20s and 30s. You know what you want, he knows what he wants. As long as you know all you have to offer and that you deserve to be met at your level, few things can go wrong. All you need to do now is to place yourself in the right place to meet your ideal man and have some fun (make sure to read the blog about how to do that too).

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