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10 things you never thought you’d do again - but actually missed without even realising!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Here’s one for a rainy day!

Just a little list of things that you want to remember when the divorce dumps set in and you feel tired of the neverendingness of it all. Because of course it will end and new will start for real… And until then, remember this!

1. You can do whatever you want whenever you want… ok I’m a little on the optimists side here, I do know there are still some restrictions in place… but it’s no longer imposed by someone you live with! And that means that your space is your space and you, girlfriend, have free choice when it comes to the music being played, programmes on the TV and choice of dinner recipes! At least after 8pm when the kids are in bed. And that’s always a good thing!

2. When your car breaks down, you have the right to flirt with the good looking guy with the nice arms who promises to fix it. And you don’t need to feel bad about it if he invites you out for a drink! You’re FREE to see who you want.

3. Only you will make yourself arrive late for family events or social invitations. As long as you can time your own har drying process according to the time available, you’re good!

4. You have no-one to argue with in IKEA. You can choose to stroll down the aisle mazes and browse, endlessly. You can admire every single candle and new paper napkin design and nobody will be rushing you along or telling you, you don’t need it. YOU can decide if you need it or not.

5. The WHOLE bed is yours. You can sleep like a starfish if you want. That is of course unless you decide you want to show the hunky car repair guy your stamp collection. Then you can dust off your cutest negligee and remember just how hot you are.

6. You can live 100% in your own truth. No eggshells to walk on, no arguments to avoid, no criticism or someone with an opinion about who you are or what you enjoy. Just you and your own truth.

7. You can watch chick-flicks with your girlfriends or invite the dog on the sofa. Actually your choice of entertainment and how you live is 100% without scrutiny now and up to you. Nobody else is even entitled to an opinion. Not even your mum (even if she may have one) because you’re a big girl now and fine on your own.

8. You have time off! Maybe for the first time in a long time, you have kids-free time to spend as only YOU want to spend it. Do you realise how lucky you are…? Go do something you’ve wanted to do for a really long time.

9. Your next holiday destination can be to somewhere you always wanted to go but your ex wasn’t excited about. You can do a girlie yoga retreat or spend it with your mum tasting wine in Tuscany. It’s your blank canvas to paint as you want.

10. You know that leather jacket you have that he never wanted you to wear because it made you stand out of the mummy crowd a bit too much but you really like the way it makes you feel a bit like a rock chick…? Well you can wear it now. Every single day. Because you’re not someone’s wife anymore having to follow someone’s ideals and conventions whether they clash with you to not. You are YOU and that’s pretty amazing.

P.S. Of course I know that you’re a mum too and not 100% free all of the time but that doesn’t stop you from being YOU. This is your time to redefine how you live your life - so that when you do choose to be someone’s wife again, you can be it to the right man this time. The one who loves you for being who you are, all of you.

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