Health Accelerator Course to Consciously de-Confine in Style

I don't know about you, but I don't want to hear another word of negative Covid-19 talk.. Let's deconfine in style. Starting now.

Yes ok,  Covid-19 may have been a little unkind to your waistline. But wasn't it all worth it? All of those cosy pizza and Netflix moments and the chocolate and chatting until much too late...?


That's what life is all about after all isn't it? The real stuff.. the things that make you smile.


And you can keep on smiling, because the world is about to open up and a new normal is in the making, a new normal that we can all have a chance to impact positively.


Start with a decision on how you want your daily healthy life to unroll.


And for the purpose, I am putting my health coach hat back on and am kicking off a 6 week live course to kick you right back into action in the most compassionate way of course..

I am a mum too. I work and I have a big family and I have celebrated my 35t birthday a few too many times to not know how hard it is to fit it all in.. #doneitallbefore 


Do you feel ready to put your work clothes back on? Do your jeans fit great and just the way you love it?


Or are you like most people (and like me) and need a helping hand making this a gradual shift into a different level of activity and another new type of normal.

I want my de-confinement to feel good, to be vibrantly healthy and to allow me to hold onto some of the zen I re-found during the last many weeks at home.


While including more great habits, more exercise, more deliciously healthy recipes. And I know that after this many weeks cooped up at home, my body does not feel summer ready yet.


And that’s why I have decided to put my healthy coach hat back on and revive my passion for healthy living in a six week journey that I will take with a group of motivated people who also want to live a post Covid-19 life focusing on brilliant health, a strong and slim body, a healthy mind and a stress-free, zen and happy way of life. 


I want those jeans to feel great again!


Are you ready?

I am offering a small group of women a space in my next 6-week health accelerator course..


During these six weeks, you can focus on getting into great health, feel amazing, be motivated and uplifted and feel super happy in yourself and in your body.


And if you commit to following my advice, you can also expect to lose up to 6kgs!


It’s not a weight loss course as such. What I show you is how to naturally re-balance your body, how to choose the right foods, how to use intermittent fasting for your health and to lose weight, how to feel motivated (and accountable) to exercise and how to re-focus on brilliant habits that make you lose unwanted weight and ooze good health.

This is what I’m offering you:


  • 6 weeks of group focus on getting your body back to beautiful

  • Daily tips, motivation & nutritional guidelines

  • Exercise tips

  • Help setting up a personal schedule you can stick to

  • Accountability & Daily Check-ins

  • Help & Support​

(Plus an entire digital course as a BONUS! Read the details below.)


I will be with you every single day with tiny daily habits you will be doing to make sure you commit and stick to it.


No long on-lin trainings. Just snappy, easy-to absorb guidelines that keep you on-track, motivated and in the game.


No overwhelm

No extra time needed

No lengthy information

No complicated procedures

Just healthy ideas

Simple habits

Motivational tips


Team support

It's healthy living, the effortless way!

What do you say? 


Do you feel committed to losing some weight, being healthy and happy and doing something really good for yourself?


This is what you get:

6 Week live group training (the best format for getting results!)

Kick-off session with my recommendations explained

Daily prompts 

EASY recipes to make sure you feel super inspired and have all you need

Daily check-ins so that you stay committed and motivated

Mid-way milestone meetings

EASY ideas for exercise to make sure you get it done (and enjoy it!)

A community with the same goals and values as you

Daily access to a nutritionist and coach for all of your questions and doubts and to make sure you reach your goals



AND the following BONUSES:


Online access to one of my signature programmes, The Feel Fab Formula. 

8 complete online video workshops with pdf support that cover topics like what to eat for weight loss. Nutritional guidelines for healthy living. The main pillars of health. How to get into exercise. Stress, sleep and how to use your subconscious to help you get better results.

Numerous Feel Fab Formula e-books, recipe collections, organisational tools and your own healthy habit journal.