helps you find love and the things that complete your life and make you happy. Your love life hasn’t been all you hoped for lately. Your husband or partner is distant or you’re single and no longer want to be.


Life can feel empty even if on the surface it looks like you have everything, but feeling alone when you don't want to be, leaves gaps in your happiness.

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My Mission


My mission is to help you fill your life with love & meaning.


I work with women (and some men) who are amazing, strong and independent, and in so many ways have all anyone could ask for.


But life doesn't feel complete. They want more love and passion in their lives, a relationship they value and a partner to respect and to share life's ups and downs. 


Whether you already know the person, are married, in a relationship or single, I help you build the type of love life you want.

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  • You feel stuck and find it hard to create change for better. 

  • Your relationship has lost it's spark - or you haven't found the person for you.

  • Life feels flat, unexciting, not complete or entirely fulfilled 

It doesn’t have to be that way. Love is an essential ingredient for happiness. It doesn’t have to come in the shape of a partner but most of us do want that special someone to share life’s up and downs, a Friday night glass of wine and holidays in sun and snow. 


Even if you’re currently married or in a relationship, love may have left your relationship or you miss how it used to be, you miss the intimacy and closeness of when it all began. It is entirely possible to be lonely even when in a relationship and that sort of loneliness often feels even more sad than being lonely and alone. 

Love is in the air and that’s a beautiful feeling. Open your heart and welcome it in and watch your life unfold and transform into a space and a lifestyle where you truly belong. 


I use super powerful methods to create change and transform the unwanted into what you always dreamt of. And to find fill your life with the type of love that makes you happy.

My signature 7-step self-discovery programme helps you fill your life with meaningful love and amazing relationships in the space of just a few weeks.

It can be really hard to be a women today. We’re independent, self-sufficient and well educated. And sometimes, it can feel hard to understand what a man expects in a relationship or maybe to even catch his attention. The programme allows you to change that and to confidently change your love landscape and make your life feel happier and more complete in just a few simple steps.


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Dating After 40:​

How to be irresistible to your ideal man

(and knowing where to find him)

Learn from some of my top tips from real life case studies and personal clients to understand exactly how to take out the bad experiences and making dating magical, fun and an amazing experience.

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