Work With Me 1:1

If you prefer to work 1:1 with personalised coaching, you can book a programme or single session and start work

on your specific needs in confidence and at your pace right now.


Consultations are generally run online. Sessions are booked according to availability (flexible timings possible).

All work includes a pre-assessment, fully personalised one-to-one work as well as

follow-up access to me via voicemail, e-mail or WhatsApp to make sure that you get

all the support you need for this crucial stage of your life.

All sessions are 100% confidential.

I help you heal your relationships (inner and outer)

but can't help you with legal matters

for which I recommend seeking separate and specific professional advice.

  • Single to Soulmate Coaching for Lasting Love and Happy Relationships

    8 hr

    1,999 US dollars
  • Clarity, Confidence and Self-Love. 1:1 Single Sessions (two hours)

    2 hr

    399 US dollars
  • Body Love Mentoring 1:1 Single Sessions (two hours)

    2 hr

    399 US dollars
  • Single Session to love your life more

    2 hr

    399 US dollars
  • A three day FREE love activation formula.