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Whether you've never met the right partner, are recovering from heartbreak or divorce or currently feel stuck in a sad relationship, I know how you feel. And I know exactly how to change it too.


Hi, I am Dorte. And when I first started my business it had both a different name and focus. I started out as a health coach offering solutions that worked magic for busy women with careers, kids and very full lives. This was back in 2015 and was the realisation of a life long dream to focus on one of the things that interest me the most - health & vitality! 


I quickly added​ more areas to my work, fuelled by my own keen personal interest in how our minds work, in how habits are made (and bad ones broken) and in human potential and how we can use our minds and bodies to attract more of what we love in life.


In 2016 my life fell apart when my husband suddenly decided that he no longer enjoyed married life and I started a long period of grief and healing and having to come to terms with the loss of our family. This added yet another new dimension to my work as stress management, emotional healing and rebuilding myself after a traumatic life event had added many new skills in the shape of more trainings and qualifications and many challenging  experiences that were deeply helpful when working with clients on their own life, relationships, love and potential.

One thing I have learnt along the way is that life is most definitely not a destination but rather a bit of a bumpy road, and when we learn to become good at accepting that, to be less fearful of change and more aware of our own worth and capabilities, we can achieve unimagined levels of happiness and contentment. We are capable of so much more than we think and sometimes those big challenges are exactly what we need to be able to see it. And love is an essential ingredient that is available to us all, in the shape of thriving relationships and happiness.

I have an MBA and many years on my back in the corporate world managing big international projects. I have lived in many different European countries (I think it's 6 in total) and speak 5 languages. I have three amazing daughters who are my life's biggest and proudest achievement and a miniature sausage dog, Coco who is my faithful walking companion. I love all things healthy, sporty and outdoors and I am happily in love with both life and an amazing man who I love to share my life with. 

As a coach I use tools learnt from Precision Nutrition, Mike Dooley, Best Year Yet,  Marianne Williamson, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Laura Berman, Gary Hendricks, The Silva Method, Tony Robbins, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Denise Linn, and so many more.  I believe in hard work, miracles, the power of the mind, inner magic and that anyone can learn how to become good at effortlessly creating peaceful and happy lives full of love.

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